At Remembrance Parks – Central Victoria (RPCV) we know first-hand that nothing touches the heart as deeply as the loss of a child. We understand the grief families experience and are committed to remembering the lives of cherished little ones in a truly beautiful way. In the past The Garden of Angels had the sad history of a communal grave for stillborn babies from the Bendigo Hospital and were placed there until the mid-1970’s.


The site in its current state requires more love and care. The Intention is that ultimately the outcome will be a beautiful space for reflection and provide surrounds befitting the depth of feeling engendered by this site.


All works undertaken at the site will be carried out with great care and consideration. The intention is not to disturb the existing garden but to add to and beautify it. Any interested family members are encouraged to assist with planting out the area please contact our office to coordinate for this to occur. Any existing plaques at the site have been GPS plotted to ensure return to their original locations.


Approximately 2 weeks

5 May • Road closures in place • Delivery of Materials

9 May onwards • Open roads as soon as possible • Build up existing circular garden • Landscaping works • Undertake planting