As you may be aware we are well advanced with the renovation/upgrade of the Chapel at the Eaglehawk Crematorium.

We are attempting to advance the progressive works schedule whilst attempting to minimise disruption to service delivery.

Works commenced on Tuesday the 19th April, 2016 and the flooring crew are in the process of re-flooring both the chapel and foyer.

What it looks like:

  1. Main part of chapel (in the central aisle) the carpet squares have been removed
  2. New vinyl has now been laid in the central aisle
  3. Later this week and early next week:

•       Staged lift and removal of remaining chapel tiles and replacement with new flooring

•       Room in foyer and other adjacent rooms to chapel will then commence works

We seek your cooperation and consideration of this when booking the chapel. Hopefully, this work will proceed to finalisation without much disruption and, pending bookings could be completed within a week.

Also in the very near future (date to be confirmed) we will be upgrading the AV system throughout the chapel which will see the addition of a state-of-the-art presentation system that offers touch screen controls, high definition cameras, live streaming capability for people unable to be at the service, high definition digital recording, the ability to record ceremony and extended viewing area across multiple screens. Further advice will be provided when details are known.

Joanne Trickey, Business Analyst, is the project manager and contact person in relation to this matter and can be contacted by phone on (03) 5446 1566.

Remembrance Parks Central Victoria thanks you in anticipation for your cooperation and support while we continue to improve our facilities in order to provide you with the highest quality service.