To celebrate the ’50th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Long Tan’ a simultaneous commemorative ceremony will be conducted across the State at the gravesite or memorial of 98 Vietnam Veterans who died on active service and are interred in Victoria. There are four Vietnam Veterans located at Bendigo Remembrance Park, White Hills Remembrance Park and Kangaroo Flat Remembrance Park that will all be involved in these commemorative celebrations of life across Victoria. These ceremonies will take place simultaneously at 12.00pm on Sunday the 21st of February.

John Alexander Doherty

Service No.3789770. Private John Alexander Doherty was killed in action on February 18, 1968 in Vietnam aged 23 years. Unit: 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. He was laid to rest at the Bendigo Cemetery February 28, 1968

Cemetery: Bendigo Remembrance Park – 70 Carpenter Street.

Cemetery Section: Lawn E4

Grave/Interment Number: 41943


Bevan Maxwell Trimble

The remains of Bevan Maxwell Trimble were laid to rest at the Bendigo Cemetery May 24, 1968. Trimble was one of a number of Australian troops fatally injured during the Battle of Coral in Bien Hoa.

The conscripted spare parts salesman was drafted on April 19, 1967 and posted to 1RAR as a rifleman private. He died from frag wounds to the back during the first Viet Cong attack on Fire Support Base Carol on May 13, 1968 aged 21 years.

Cemetery: Bendigo Remembrance Park – 70 Carpenter Street.

Cemetery Section: Lawn E3

Grave/Interment Number: 42032


Paul Francis Reidy 

Paul Francis Reidy of White Hills. He was drafted on May 1, 1968 and posted to 9RAR as a rifleman private to D Company.

A former salesman, Reidy was blasted to death on May 25, 1969 by a mine during a 4 day land clearing operation in Dat Do, 6kms south east of Nui Dat.

Four South Vietnamese troops and 5 Australians were wounded in the explosion. A Requiem Mass was celebrated at St Kilians church on June 5th for the 21 year old. His remains were then laid to rest at the White Hills Cemetery with full military honours.

Cemetery: White Hills Remembrance Park – Corner of Holdsworth Road and Plumridge Street.

Cemetery Section: Mon H4a

Grave/Interment Number: 20407


David John Thomas

David John Thomas was killed in action in South Vietnam, on August 18, 1966 he was aged 21 years.

David was one of 18 brave Australians killed in the Battle of Long Tan.

In November 1964 the Government announced a decision which divided the nation and still remains controversial today. Australian youths would be conscripted by ballot for military service and for the first time, sent outside Australian territory to fight if required. On April 29, 1965 Australian Units were committed to the war zone in Vietnam.

David was passed over by the Birthday Ballot but volunteered for the army. The enlisted rifleman private with 6RAR had worked as a labourer and devoted his spare time to the Salvation Army before he signed up on September 6, 1965.

He died 11 months later from gunshot wounds to the chest. Private No. 38712 Unit: 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment and was laid to rest in the Kangaroo Flat cemetery September 5, 1966.

Cemetery: Kangaroo Flat Remembrance Park – 33-49 Helm Street.

Cemetery Section: Lawn A

Grave Number: 5125