Remembrance Parks – Central Victoria, RPCV, [formerly Bendigo Cemeteries Trust] continues to evolve its services and products to meet the needs of a changing community.

Traditionally funeral services and memorialisation options have centred on burials and cremations with the traditional headstone or rose bush memorials.  RPCV continues to change its approach to the conduct of funeral services and memorialisation to meet the current needs of the community outside of these traditional approaches.

Recent changes include the evolution of memorials@home products (jewellery, a range of urns, plaques and other home memorials) and a new lakeside memorial garden that provides a premium and dignified setting for cremated remains interments accompanied by seating and picnic areas where families can gather and reflect on the life of a loved one.

RPCV also have ambitious plans to continue the investment in beautification across its remembrance parks, including an ongoing investment in reinvigorating its lawn areas, development of further memorial gardens, redevelopment of its chapel as well as the establishment of enhanced reception facilities and outdoor courtyards consistent with its strategic objective to establish its remembrance parks as community parklands.

Recent redevelopment of the RPCV website also provides enhanced access to information by the community on the range of products and services available through RPCV and the records of deceased loved ones interred within RPCV remembrance parks.

RPCV actively encourage the community to remember loved ones into perpetuity through the provision of an appropriate memorial located either within one of its remembrance parks or elsewhere to ensure their contribution to your family is never forgotten.