Forming part of RPCV’s service offering in regard to memorialisation, RPCV offers limited and in perpetuity (eternity) tenure for cremated remains interred within one of its five remembrance parks. After a detailed review of the records it has become apparent that some limited tenure memorials have expired or will be expiring.

Under section 85 of the Act a cemetery trust is obligated to offer to convert a 25 year limited tenure right of interment at least 12 months before the expiry of a right of interment for interring cremated human remains for 25 years, the cemetery trust responsible for the public cemetery to which the right of interment applies must take reasonable steps to notify the holder of that right of interment that the right of interment will expire at the end of 25 years after it was granted.

After reasonable steps have been taken to contact the Holder of the Right under section 91 a cemetery trust may cancel a right of interment in a public cemetery for which it is responsible if the holder of the right of interment cannot be found after diligent inquiries.

As required within section 85 of the Act this notice forms part of the many avenues that RPCV will use in attempt to find the holder of the right of interment or next of kin to these expired memorials over the next 12 month period.

If you believe that you are the holder of the right of interment for a memorial that is expiring or has expired, and you would like to renew or convert the tenure of your loved ones memorial or collect the cremated remains, please contact our office on 03 5446 1566. In addition to the above if you would like further information on these arrangements, on the status of your relatives memorial or would simply like to discuss memorialising your loved ones cremated remains please contact or visit us at our office located at 5 Victoria St. Eaglehawk.