We hope you are all safe and well. As you are all aware the weather events of late have been a challenge for everyone in the community. We have now completed an assessment of RPCV cemeteries to assess any damage or safety issues.

Attached is a status report showing each cemetery, it identifies which cemeteries are able to accommodate burials over the next week or so and those which are currently considered a risk and are deemed to be closed.

Any location which is marked as being currently closed either has safety issues which need to be addressed before burials can take place or RPCV is currently unable to get access to the location to complete a safety assessment at the present time.

We appreciate this will be difficult for families, but we must put the safety of the community, and RPCV staff first.

We will continue to work to have our locations re-opened as soon as practical to do so. We will post future updates as changes to the status of our locations occur as work progresses to restore services over the coming days.

Please Click Here to view the Status Report in PDF format