Remembrance Parks Central Victoria (RPCV) was formed in June 1988 as an amalgamation of the former council operated Bendigo, Eaglehawk, Kangaroo Flat, White Hills and Axedale Public Remembrance Parks.

RPCV were now responsible for the records of our past, with burial archives in our care dating back to the 1800s. RPCV recognised our cemeteries as a vital component of central Victoria’s history and heritage, and began to carry out our vision and mission.

Recognising the changing needs of the community, the newly formed trust began working towards opening the first central Victorian crematorium. This would allow RPCV to deliver a professional and respectful service on site at Eaglehawk, allowing for local cremations and providing greater access to crematorium services as our community began to look for alternative options to traditional burial services. RPCV’s crematorium was officially opened in 1989.

Diversity in memorials continued to grow in the coming years, with more families choosing lawn burials over traditional monumental burials. This increased RPCV’s involvement in the community, working with families to supply bronze plaque memorials on lawn graves. To facilitate greater access to memorialisation services, RPCV’s new main administration office within the grounds of the Eaglehawk Remembrance Park was officially opened in 1996.

RPCV continued to expand memorial services, creating a wide variety of memorials for ashes including rose and native gardens, memorial walls and lakeside positions and offering a broad range of bronze and granite plaques. RPCV continue to plan future development of sites ensuring our remembrance parks remain a place of enduring and accessible remembrance into perpetuity.

RPCV has continued to expand its locations, and in 2016 became responsible for the management and operations of the privately owned Axedale Catholic Cemetery, which is located next to the public Axedale Remembrance Park on Cemetery Road, Axedale.

RPCV have also grown in community engagement to now run a number of events, including historical tours, memorial services and our annual Dying to Know day expo, aiming to generate discussions within the community around end of life planning and care and answer any questions our community may have. The day includes opening our crematorium for public tours to help dispel any mystery surrounding cremation services and serve our community with compassion and integrity.

The Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of Victoria conference 2019 was hosted by RPCV. CCAV is the industry body for the cemeteries & crematoria industry in Victoria, of which RPCV is a member.

As an established Class A cemetery trust (one of 5 in Victoria) under the provisions of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003, RPCV carries out our broader responsibility to provide leadership, support and assistance to Class B cemetery trusts across central Victoria.

In 2019, RPCV established a presence in the Greater Shepparton region, becoming responsible for the management and operation of Kialla West Cemetery and Pine Lodge Cemetery. RPCV also assist families by appointment in Shepparton to arrange bronze plaques for ashes memorials and lawn graves.

In 2020, RPCV are to continue our delivery of service excellence with cremation, burial and memorial services across central Victoria. As of October 1st, RPCV have assumed responsibility for the management and operations of the Sunbury Cemetery.