Why plan ahead?


Having a clear plan in place can help your family and friends make critical decisions during a very difficult time.

Planning ahead for death can seem overwhelming, but when our customers have a clear plan in place, the experience for their loved ones is often much less confusing and confronting.

The first step is to start the conversation – with us or with your loved ones.

The next step is to gather information. This website is an excellent place to start. Please look at our resources and the different services we offer.

Some things to think about :

  1.     Whether burial or cremation is the right choice for you.
  2.     Think about the cemeteries where you feel a strong connection is another great place to start when planning ahead.
  3.     Think about pre-purchasing a burial location or cremation with us.
  4.     Think about other services you might arrange in advance, such as chapel service or pre-paid interment.

Here at RPCV, we also provide you with the opportunity to plan the payment for your wishes using a payment plan arrangement so that you can spread the cost over time. 

Once you have completed your research, it's important to record your wishes clearly and let your loved ones know what they are and where to find them.

Contact our Customer Care Team for further information.

About Burial


All of us will experience loss. For many having a place to visit and mourn or remember those we have lost is an important part of reckoning with our grief.

Is burial the right choice?


Simply knowing that our family and friends will have a special place to visit and reflect on can be very important to us as we plan ahead. There will come a time for each of us when we will no longer be here to provide our family and friends with the comfort they need in their time of loss. Having a clear plan can be a great help to those we leave behind.

Our cemeteries and memorial parks are calm and peaceful places where we can embrace the silence and serenity of the natural environment and quietly reflect, or where we can gather together to share stories as members of a family or a community.

Burial cultures are as ancient as they are diverse, and we make space for a range of traditions and memorials that honour those who have passed from our lives.

We offer a range of burial and memorialisation options to meet the needs of our diverse communities, which are available for pre-purchase.

Contact our Customer Care Team for further information.

About cremation


Cremation is an increasingly popular choice. With a range of memorial options available, it has become popular with families wishing to adopt a flexible approach to how they choose to remember their loved ones.

Is cremation the right choice?


In Victoria, cremation services are provided by cemetery trusts which operate strictly regulated crematoria. Our crematorium facilities and chapel are located at our Eaglehawk Cemetery.

Following a cremation, families may choose to honour their loved ones by memorialising their ashes at a cemetery or memorial park. The most common types of memorials involve the placement of ashes in a garden bed or memorial wall and the placement of a bronze plaque.

A wide range of memorial options are available, and—with the correct permission—ashes can also be interred in the grave of a loved one.

Alternatively, a family or loved one may request that the cemetery trust scatter the ashes on the cemetery's grounds where the cremation occurred or at another of our cemeteries or memorial parks.

Families may also wish to collect the ashes and keep them at home in an urn or scatter them in a meaningful place.



Pre-purchasing is an important part of planning ahead and provides peace of mind.

Those who are planning ahead for themselves or someone else often choose to pre-purchase their grave or cremation memorial directly from RPCV. They may also wish to pre-pay for the services associated with the burial or cremation itself.

Pre-purchasing means cemetery costs are already paid for when they're needed. Unlike funeral insurance, which can cost more over time than the funeral itself, pre-purchasing your plot and pre-paying for your services means you only pay for what you need.

You can also pre-purchase using a payment plan that enables you to pay for your pre-purchase over time. One of our friendly Customer Care Consultants can provide further information on the different plans and payment options.

Why pre-purchase?


Pre-purchasing allows you the opportunity to visit our cemeteries and memorial parks and make an informed decision about the arrangements you'd like to put in place for yourself or a loved one. This helps ensure the family members looking after the arrangements at the time of a burial or cremation have everything they need to ensure your wishes are followed.

  • When you purchase a grave or memorial in advance, you receive a Right of Interment Permit that includes all your right of interment details.

This document should be kept in a safe place with the details of your wishes, so family and friends have everything they need. This document is also helpful to provide to your nominated funeral director at the time of need and will assist them in understanding what you have pre-purchased. It is also beneficial to note the details of your Right of Interment, cremation or burial permit in your will.

In Victoria, the prices for cemetery plots and services, while regulated by the State Government, vary in price, particularly between metropolitan and regional areas of Victoria. Each year the prices do increase by a certain percentage. It is generally cheaper to purchase a cemetery plot in a regional area such as Remembrance Parks Central Victoria than a metropolitan location.

Cemetery plots are also exempt from GST when purchased directly from a cemetery trust, but will attract GST when purchased from a funeral director.

Purchasing from us now rather than through a funeral director at the time of the service can help keep costs down.

What is a 'right of interment'?


When you purchase a grave or cremation memorial, what you are purchasing is a right of interment, which is the right to use that particular cemetery plot for a burial, or for the interment of cremated remains.

The right of interment is defined under the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003 (Vic)(the Act). It does not confer ownership (proprietary rights) over the physical land. Instead, it grants permission to use the plot, subject to any cemetery trust policies or specifications.

The right of interment holder is the person who can authorise a burial or interment of cremated remains and the establishment of a memorial such as a headstone or plaque.

Who owns the right of interment?


When you purchase a grave or cremated remains memorial, you will receive a Right of Interment Permit that records the plot's details and the owner/s of the right of interment for that plot. This is usually the purchaser or someone nominated by the purchaser.

A right of interment may be held in joint names and may be transferred from one party to another on completion of the relevant paperwork and payment of the applicable fee.

For older graves, where the original right of interment holder has passed away, it can be challenging to determine who holds the right to authorise a burial or interment of cremated remains, or the establishment of a memorial.

Every case is unique, and we can help guide you through the process of determining who holds the right. Contact one of our friendly Customer Care Team, who can provide you with further information on the various options available.