1988 – Remembrance Parks Central Victoria (RPCV) was formed in June 1988 as an amalgamation of the former council operated Bendigo, Eaglehawk, Kangaroo Flat, White Hills and Axedale Public Remembrance Parks. RPCV were now responsible for the records of our past, with burial archives in our care dating back to the 1800s. RPCV recognised our cemeteries as a vital component of central Victoria’s history and heritage, and began to carry out our vision and mission. Recognising the changing needs of the community, the newly formed trust began working towards opening the first central Victorian crematorium. This would allow RPCV to deliver a professional and respectful service on site at Eaglehawk, allowing for local cremations and providing greater access to crematorium services as our community began to look for alternative options to traditional burial services. RPCV’s crematorium was officially opened in 1989.