Terms & Conditions

Within each of Remembrance Parks – Central Victoria’s (RPCV) remembrance parks there are various sections that have particular guidelines in relation to burial and cremation memorials that need to be adhered too. 

While RPCV does its best to service the community to their highest standard, as well as ensuring that our remembrance parks are maintained into perpetuity, there are general conditions that apply in RPCV being able to achieve these goals. It also must be noted that Remembrance Parks – Central Victoria at any time can amend any of their terms and conditions.

In relation to authorisation of interment of bodily remains and/or cremated remains into a memorial, RPCV can only take authority from the holder of the right of interment. Applicants must provide the following documentation to prove they are the holder of the right:

  • A copy of the certificate of Right of Interment or other documentation that will help identify the holder of the right
  • If the applicant is not the holder of the right, RPCV will require a letter from the holder of the right, or other documentation required by RPCV, authorising the applicant to organise the interment of cremated/bodily remains

Remembrance Parks – Central Victoria understands the importance of memorialising and honouring loved ones who have departed, but understands their obligations to provide a safe environment for visitors, volunteers, employees and all those who utilise our remembrance parks. To ensure all visitors and their loved ones are respected, RPCV has established a policy in the following areas:

  • General decorations
  • Restricted items for Lawn Graves and Cremation Memorials and
  • Restricted items for Monumental Graves

A more detailed document of RPCV’s Decoration Policy Guidelines will be available on the website soon. 

Buying a memorial plaque through RPCV is not a requirement; families are more than welcome to purchase a plaque from alternate plaque suppliers (which are located in the yellow pages or on the internet). To ensure that the correct plaque sizes, thickness and height are purchased from external suppliers, it is a requirement that prior to purchasing a memorial that the family contact the office, and get written authorisation from RPCV. The family or the external plaque supplier can then deliver the plaque for RPCV’s outdoor operations staff to place, cemetery fees may apply. RPCV is not responsible for the quality of goods or workmanship of items purchased from external suppliers.

Fees must be paid in full before an interment or cremation takes place, or before a plaque is ordered. Also RPCV reserves the right to alter fees without prior notification.

RPCV accepts cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard, direct debit, and BPAY payment methods.