About burial

All of us will experience loss. For many having a place to visit and mourn or remember those we have lost is an important part of reckoning with our grief.

Is burial the right choice?

Simply knowing that our family and friends will have a special place to visit and reflect on can be very important to us as we plan ahead. There will come a time for each of us when we will no longer be here to provide our family and friends with the comfort they need in their time of loss. Having a clear plan can be a great help to those we leave behind.

Our cemeteries and memorial parks are calm and peaceful places where we can embrace the silence and serenity of the natural environment and quietly reflect, or where we can gather together to share stories as members of a family or a community.

Burial cultures are as ancient as they are diverse, and we make space for a range of traditions and memorials that honour those who have passed from our lives.

We offer a range of burial and memorialisation options to meet the needs of our diverse communities, which are available for pre-purchase.

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