Pine Lodge and Kialla West Remembrance Parks

Heavy rainfall and cemetery flooding at some locations late last year resulted in many memorialisation items being displaced or lost, particularly at Pine Lodge and Kialla West which were entirely under water at one point and closed for up to six weeks as a result.

RPCV staff have retrieved any salvageable items during area clean ups at Pine Lodge and Kialla West after this weather. Any items retrieved at these locations have been stored by our staff. As these items were displaced it was not possible to determine which grave or memorial they were originally placed on. Please contact RPCV via phone or email if you would like to view these items and retrieve any items you may have placed.

Please note this does not include alcohol. Any alcohol found has been disposed of.

RPCV have not removed any items from within children’s sections (with the exception of any alcohol found in these areas).

Future works are planned for children’s sections across RPCV sites. Prior to these works commencing, signs will be posted at each cemetery along with information on our website and Facebook page. Notices will be posted 90 days prior to when works will commence.