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Day of Code Red Fire Danger - 21/11/2019

Thursday 21/11/2019 has been declared a day of Code Red Fire Danger by the CFA To ensure the safety of our community, all RPCV sites will be closed For any concerns please call 1300 266 561 In case of emergency contact 000

Media Release - White Hills Heritage Grant

This next twelve months will see the restoration of the historic gates and fence at the White Hills Remembrance Park. The cast iron fence and gates situated at the Holdsworth Road entrance are representative examples of typical nineteenth century cemetery features and were designed by Bendigo Architect William Charles Vahland in 1881.

Media Release - Victorian Cremations

The following media release provides some detail surrounding how you know a Crematorium is operating in your best interest and the benefits of local cremations in Victoria. This comes in response to a recent report by the ABC Four Corners program which revealed a disturbing trend of funeral directors moving bodies interstate for NSW cremations, where profit was prioritised over care of the deceased.

Media Release - Management of Pine Lodge & Kialla West Cemeteries

Remembrance Parks Central Victoria has been consistently working with the Greater Shepparton City Council over the past 12 months regarding the transfer of management of two of Shepparton’s cemetery trusts: Pine Lodge and Kialla West. The transfer of management for both cemeteries to Remembrance Parks Central Victoria will be effective on 1 July, 2019

Scheduled Development of Backhaus Lawn Area (White Hills)

Remembrance Parks Central Victoria have scheduled required infrastructure works to take place at the Backhaus Lawn at the White Hills Remembrance Park commencing late March 2019. Please read our notice for further details.