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ON THIS DAY... John Snaith Rymer (1806)

John Snaith Rymer was born on the 5th December 1806 and was a founding member of the Church of England in White Hills who was very passionate about all matters relating to the development of White Hills. He was buried at the White Hills Remembrance Park with his wife in 1876.

ON THIS DAY... Thomas Flanagan (1899)

On 18 November 1899 Thomas (Tom) Flanagan, co-founder of the Kalgoorlie goldfields in 1893, was buried in the White Hills Cemetery.

ON THIS DAY... Henry Avery (1883)

Henry Avery (one of the first Councillors elected when Eaglehawk became a Borough in 1863) died on 29th October 1883 and was interred in the Bendigo Remembrance Park on October 31st, 1883.

ON THIS DAY... The Red Ribbon Agitation (1853)

The Anti Gold License Association was formed in Sandhurst in June 1853 under the leadership of George Edward Thomson, ably assisted by William Dixon Campbell Denovan.

Damage at White Hills Cemetery

On behalf of the CEO Remembrance Parks Central Victoria, Graham Fountain please be advised of memorial damage to 11 graves at White hills cemetery earlier this week.

'Garden of Angels' Rejuvenation - Bendigo Remembrance Parks

The 'Garden of Angels' at Bendigo Remembrance Parks will be rejuvenated over the next couple of weeks as part of an improvements project that has been made possible with a grant from the Francis and Harold Abbott Foundation.

Eaglehawk Chapel Upgrade - Eaglehawk Crematorium

Starting Tuesday the 19th of April, Remembrance Parks Central Victoria will begin a series of works and improvements designed to upgrade the Eaglehawk Crematorium Chapel and its facilities.